Tecnifibre NRG2 1.24 Natural - MULTIFILAMENT

Tecnifibre NRG2 16 provides players with maximum feel and power. Utilizing their unique Elastyl fibers, which give 12% more power than standard multifilaments thereby giving easy power and a comfortable feel. NRG2 features the SPL technology (Silicium Pyrogene Lubritec), an abrasion resistant coating to further increase the durability. Tecnifibre's PU Inside technology binds the multifilament fibers together providing up to 400% elasticity for the ultimate comfortable feel for touch shots. A perfect combination for the player seeking a string with power and comfort.

Our stringer says,

"As with all our multifilaments, we pre-stretch strings between 5-10% during restringing. This additional process will ensure that the string bed tension remains consistent over a longer period and thereby increase racket performance".

Racket Technician
Tecnifibre NRG2 1.24 Natural - MULTIFILAMENT