RAB Sensor Fibre HD 1.37 Amber - MULTIFILAMENT

Sensor Fibre HD is often described as the nearest thing to natural gut. 

It offers a truly natural feel and is forgiving on the arm.The very small fibres are formed together by a unique chemical heat process. The material is saturated with polyurethane, twisted and time cured to create an exact string memory.This memory will read your shot precisely and help you to transmit the exact detail of power and touch.

Excellent alternative to the more expensive natural gut when used within a hybrid set up.

Our stringer says,

"As with all our multifilaments, we pre-stretch strings between 5-10% during restringing. This additional process will ensure that the string bed tension remains consistent over a longer period and thereby increase racket performance".

Racket Technician

RAB Sensor Fibre HD 1.37 Amber - MULTIFILAMENT